Brian Schrock


I grew up in the Nazarene Church and even went to a Nazarene University. When I became a secular humanist, I felt so comfortable in my new world view but missed the close-knit community that the church fosters. I think the Oasis communities growing across the continent are exactly what the secular community needs; a community of compassion and reason where secular individuals and families can build relationships.

Perla Rivas


I grew up in the US-MEX border and moved to Galveston for work. I work as a Research Project Coordinator at a Pediatric Burn Hospital. I enjoy traveling and taking our dogs to the dog park. My husband introduced me to Oasis while we were dating and I loved it ever since. What was most appealing was the diversity, honesty and vulnerability of those in attendance. I always feel like I am learning something new, while getting the chance to meditate over some amazing music. I was a former Catholic living in Mexico which made it quite difficult to find other viewpoints. I slowly moved away from the church after studying abroad in college and getting to learn about others perspectives on belief systems.

Julio Leal


I've lived in Houston for 30 years and hold a master's degree in social work. I'm passionate about diversity, volunteering, and helping vulnerable populations. I feel that people are moving away from religion institutions but still long to be connected with their community and each other.  It is my hope that Galveston Bay Oasis becomes a welcoming place for people of all different backgrounds and faith traditions.

Marie Angell

Music Director

For many years I’ve been active in the Houston music scene as a musician and songwriter, singing and playing keyboards and ukulele.


With my blues/rock band The Snake Charmers, I performed in the greater Houston Metroplex
for more than 15 years, and continue to perform solo and with other musicians. I have been attending Houston Oasis for more than 4 years because I love the amazing people who come, the great musicians who play, the talks (I always learning something new), and the fun and worthwhile social and volunteer events. My goal is to bring a diverse range of music to Galveston Bay Oasis and to provide local musicians with an attentive audience and a fair wage.

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